Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maybelline Silk Glam eyeshadow quad

Maybelline Silk Glam eyeshadow quad in 11 purple dream

So brought this a couple of days ago in town in boots :) (well actually my mom brought it) haha gotta love ya moms! :D and thought how gorgeous the colours are! but by all means the colours are quite frosty and shimmery.

sexy sexy :D


 Overall, i love this palette its beautiful! i don't think you could wear all these colours all at once as you would have discoballs on ya eyes. But this colours would help with people who have green eyes as there colours make your eyes *pop out*.

 on a random note.. my dog, Millie kept wanting to go on my bed and she was giving me the " aw please, please, im cute! " look haha

 Love ya girl,



le journal de prada said...



Alex said...

love the colors ♥


*Zoe* said...

Awww Millie's so cute!
Zoe x
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carizzachua said...

love the shades, especially purple!

Princesa Livia said...

Hi girl, you've been tagged! Click this to visit my post ! :) x

thomessa said...

This palette is so gorgeous!!!! Love the photos :)

Sammiebbz * said...

@le journal de prada thankyou :)xx

@Alex yeah there really pretty arnt they? :) #xx

@Zoe aww thanks zoe! i love my millie :D xx

@carizzachua yeah just a gernall lovely palette! ii love <3 xxx

@princess thankkyou girl <3 ill check it out now :) xxxx

@thomessa yeh too right it is :D and thankks! xxx