Tuesday, 14 April 2009

* Superdrug/Primark Haulinng *

So ive been on the road againn! too superdruug and primark! i swear i dont go to any over shops expect these too lol man i needa work in superdrug to get majour discount!

Anywhos.. heres what i got :-)


Nadine (Girls Aloud) Eyelures
they also do the other band members of the group! which shortly i shall be buying..

Rating :-

10/10 loves!

Repurchase in different syles :-
Hella yes!

Gosh Soft'N Shine Lip balm in Barbie
yup i fell in love wit
h this little sucker when lollipop26 showed us!
very pigmented and moisturising


repurchase in different/same colour

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze for face and body
ohh how much i love this stuff! pure godess! not too orangey or fake looking :) and i even put this on my face! dont really like the smell though..but for the tan i wil get thew the smell lol :D retails £7.99/ £11.99 i think.. :)

Rating :-
(just the smell off putting a little)

Repurchase diffent/same colour :-

Eyeko Fat blam in minty :-) smells like it too!
Retails for £3.99 love it for highlighing my cheekbones. love it so much i might buy another.. wel who could say no to the big cute eyes packaging? lol

Rating :-
lasting power not so good but high rating for being cute packaging

Repurchase different/same colour :-

Gosh professional colour rescue shampoo
i love the neon colour, its what brought me too look at it lol still have to try this baby out but smells kinda grapefuirty? and just shampooy? lol rubbish at smell describing :)

Cant Rate at the mo not tested


neon pink/red bag
for £3 can be turned into a cutch :)

seriously can you tell i love neon? show much? lol
5 socks for £1.50 bargin much? :)

£1 nail polish! soo glittery and preety! but trys sooo frigging slow!
such a shame though may use this again when i have alot of waiting to do

Rating :-
the drying is a big bummer but the colour is nice

repurchase different/same colour :-

Anyways big loving for you beauty bloggers!
hope you hada good easter

Sammie <3333


happy1234 said...

Really like the look of Gosh Barbie!!

Sammiebbz * said...

yeh is nice :-) took me a while to find it tho, as i didnt no it was with the new collection they got out :-(

Cris said...

Lovely socks ^_^!
And I want that fat Eyeko thing, lol. In all flavours :-P.

littlepinkstars44 said...

wow i love the look of those lashes!
Gosh Barbie is lovely, i've had for about a week now!

Anonymous said...

Gosh Barbie is gorgeous and everything else is so cute:]♥

Sammiebbz * said...

@cris haha thanx :-) yeh and me too but the other colours are propper dark on me skintone =/
@littlepinkstars44 ohh and mee :D should take a look at the others band members wil get you ":-O ing"
@colette yeh defo love it lots :-) i might go buy sweetheart as its soo nice! but the price isnt nice to me! 7.49! :(

Anonymous said...

cute socks!