Monday, 27 April 2009

* SugarSweet Bubbles dupe? could it be? *

Well the answer to that not quite sure as i havent seen it in person or anytink but by the online pics and swatches i reckon it could be :-)

( Sleek ink pot - purple rain,Sleek - Calico 810,Sleek - Silk 814)
by the way silk looks whiter in person

yum yum products hey?
im liking this brand alot alot :)

Sleek - ink pot in purple rain

Creammy eyeliner that i like alot :) i wanna stay away from blacks as i always have black eyeliner on so i thought why not try purple? and im kinda liking this alot :) and hey you get a free cutessy brush with it lool! great for travelling even if its a cheap ass brush ;)

Rating :- very cheapp! i love the colours! but its gnna have to be a 3/5 as its crappy its not at all superdrug stores

Repurchase in different colours? :- i would say yes :)

Sleek Lipsticks MMMMM!

i love the sleek lipsticks¬! so girly so cute :) ive only just realized on sleeks website they have two calico 810 lipsticks.! one a ( coral lipstick which is the one i wanted ) and the one i recieved :(

and of course on superdrugs website they dont show pics of sleek products :( so alrounder crap!
but i pose im lucky in a way cos it only costed like 2 - 3 quid? i would probby be abit more pissed if expensiver lol :(

Calico 810 (the darker one) lol Slik 814

Rating :- 4/5 love the product but sleek needs to no they have a misshaps on there site and superdrug needs too do photos on there site!

Repurchase in different colours :- yeh have done :)


Slik 814, Calico 810, Purple rain gel eyeliner

Anyways my bloggers im soon to do lots more blogging
as i have loads to share with you guys!

Love youu bloggy wloggys (: <33


natural cosmetics said...

Wow .. Great collection of the lipstick.

Sammiebbz * said...

thank you :-D xx