Thursday, 9 April 2009

* So what do i have in my mini makeup bag? *

This is my sos makeup! I carry this pretty much everywhere and anywhere i go! im so lost without these products<3333>

Sneek Preview!

Makeup bag from superdrug i think ( me nan got it for me :-D )

All the prodcuts inside the bag

Stila compact brush:- all i can remember was that this was expensive like £25 i think! and to be honest with you havent used it once yet..but i will do! when i have time carrying me blushes lol but its a nice dence small soft brush :) glad i brought it beacause its just so cute looking :D

George lip brush ( From ASDA) :- i love this brush loads! its prefect and small into a small makeup bag! and it was dead cheap ! cant remeber the exact price but think it was summat like 99p to 1.99? i use thise every day since i get more prodcut actully on the brush and is more precise where to put it

yes it is dirty.. as i just used it lol! :D

Bobbi Brown - ultra fine liner brush :- My first eyeliner brush! and not my last :) i love this so much im tempeted to buy another or a avon brand one ( heard it was good ):D just to get more dencety of eyeshadow in the precise places

Brush from Benefits Big Beautiful Eyes Palette :- love this little brush soo cute and small! and extra bonus is its a 2 in 1 brush one side has a liner brush 9 i use this for my eyebrows) and the other is a eyeshadow brush ( dont really use this side but good for emgerancy times ;)

Bobbi Brown black gel ey
eliner :- mmm! can we say i want eyeliner that doesnt smudge? YES WE CAN! is the BEST ever eyeliner ive ever had in my life! never smudged a bit! i put this on the waterline ( even tho you shouldnt.. i do ) as the normal eyeliners smudge the hell outta it! and annoys me pretty bad but yeh i love this lots <3333>

GOSH - Cool lip jam in 107 :- Can anyone say mashmellos! mmmm smells soo friggin nice makes me wanna eat the damn product! haha :) superr niicee lip product baby pink with reflects of pink and yellow ! yum + babypink = MMMMMM!

Maybelline - Shinylicious :- it kinda smells of meon to me but this lipgloss is super glossy and shimmery! a little of this stuff realy dose go a long long way! ;| soo pretty though! makes me wanna get another :)

807 Pink Fizz

My brow filler from big beautiful eye palette :- so yeah this came out of the palette so i was like hmm lets try it on the brows (otherwise i would of thew it away ) and it matched my colour so i was like yay :-D and havent stop yaying since haha :) but this is really for eyelining your eyes ( didnt use this as a eyeliner though since i hate brown eyeliner on me ) but all rounder good have been using this for aggggges!

Studio Scuply NC20 Concealaer :- My best ever conealaer in the world! no wonder why people were giving good reviews on this baby! :) carry this everywhere if i get a spot ): and for my under dark circles coming! haha :) and a perfect skin match for me! may needa get another one soon as summer is here ( so the calendar tells me but doesnt look it outside ) :( as i use fake tan to give me self a goldy bronzey look !

The best to last! poliety pink mac lipstick :- i use this everyday ( as you can tell lipstick is low) its such a perfect nude colour on me! but when i do use this i put the concealaer on first then the lipstick and then the Gosh 107 cool lip jam too give off the effect of nudy lips!

Muchy lOves you
Sammie <333


Colette said...

That Stila brush is so cute and that lipstick looks gorgeous.

Sammiebbz * said...

yeh i love it so shiny :) shame about the price tho =/ and yeh gotta love the lipstickk sooo nice!

Cris said...

OMG I want that Benefit palette now :D! So practical & pretty :).
All of your stuff is great :-P.

Steph said...

I use the liner in the Big Beautiful Eyes as a brow filler too! Genuis! Great minds think alike!x

pastel19 said...

Ooh that lipstick looks lush! I really want the concealer too.

littlepinkstars44 said...

Is the Stila brush #12?
Cause i bought that on ebay fpr 99p!

Sarah said...

This is such a perfect little combo : )

Sammiebbz * said...

@Chris aww thanks sweetie :)
@Steph haha yeh :-D its just easyer then fannyin around with a skinny brush
@Pastel19 its really good you should try it out when your at mac nice cream concealer
@littlepinkstars44 um i have no idea but if it is then omg... why didnt i look on ebayy! :'(
@sarah yehh i love it lots needs too stock up on some soon :)