Wednesday, 8 April 2009

* Haul again again *

So i went on a buyin spree again no surpise there right? ;) well actully my mum did for me..ohh i love my mum :-D but mine you all this stuff came to 30pound summat including pepsi ( already had ) and a mag ( which i already lost lol )

Heres what i got :

Swatches of Beauty Uk palette :

My say on this say ohh i say ;) :

Toothbrush :- Amazing as always lol does what it says on the packaging :-D haha

Rating :- 10/10

Repurchase :- haha yeh not gonna have smelly teeth :D

Simple - Cleasing wipes :- Well these cleasing wipes are for my makeup brushes but stil cheap which is good i only used one on my face and felt well soft! so might change it up abit on the cleasing wipes :D
and these the ones i use to take off my makeup

Rating :- 10/10
Repurchase : Yes :)

Jolen - Hair Cream :- This is for dark hair on your skin to bleach it so it is'nt noticable
i think EVERY girl needs this, its saved my life.. haha :D no really i dont no what to do without it :(

Rating :-10/10

Repurchase : Yes defo!

Eyeko nail polish :-
ummm this is bit of a downer ... is crap lol its too damnn watery and cant really get the colour showing up as it shows on the bottle it! it took me about 5 coats and 1 white coat to get it! but we all no what that means my nail polish on my nail looked so thick and crappy :( so took it off straight away (expect one cos it was the best looking one lol ) but they are nice colours but just dont think i'll use it again

Rating :- 2/10
Repurchase :- No

Gosh - Primer (recommended by Amy) :- Ohs me god.. im soo glad she recommend this too me! its soo soft and sliky and made my face stay on all day lol! big love to this baby! but i thought the bottle was going to be bigger but hey its still good :) abit pricey retails at 11poundsish
thats the size of the primer

Rating :- 8/10

repurchase :- Yes

Beauty Uk - Palette in 1 :- More loving to the beauty Uks palette! rawr! :-D same as again amazingg pigmentionn! been using these alot and wanting to buy all of them i think they do 5 or 4 not quite sure but they dead cheap for 2.99 and your getting 9 colours! :D

Rating:- 10/10!

Repurchase :- woo defoo!

Anyways sorry not post sooner been busy shopping/seein my preggers m8 who having her first scan today so shortly i'll be seeing her :)/ and seein my bf that does stupid hours shift 6am - 3pm but wakes at 3am to get ready LOL and sometimes hes a niglay arse buh i love him :-D

Love you bloggers you brighten up my day <333

Sammiie <3333


rainbowdust33 said...

Where did you get the Jolen from??

Is it really good??

I used the Veet one recently, and my hair is quite fair naturally anyway, and it didn't do anything!! xx

Sammiebbz * said...

i got the jolen from superdrug but you can get it from boots :) and aww that sucks :( but yeah just have to leave it on at the correct time and becareful of the amount of bleach powder you put in and all wil be good! :) XXXXX

Cris said...

Thanks for the info on Eyeko's polishes :o...That's a shame 'cause they look so cute :(.
The palette's wonderful though :D!

Natticute said...

So nice ;)

Natticute said...
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Sammiebbz * said...

@cris no promblemo :) yehh anoo they doo inal :(

@natticute haha yehh defoo :)