Friday, 22 July 2011

Review: Oh Sudocrem how i do lovee you!

My Sudocrem collection! yes I'm addicted! :) i have 2 more but lost them :(
Retails at £1.99 30ml at your local Boots and Superdrug

Mr Sudocrem!

You never disappoint me ! Sudocrem just recently launched out a new skincare cream out and is safe to say i love it! The skin care cream is so versatile you can use it for your spots,dry patches and sunburn. The antiseptic cream is different as this cream can be used for cuts + grazes (as the cream itself contains some mild anaesthetic) , and Eczema etc. This brand has been going strong for 80 years and gained followers such as Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh and Amanda Holden. Also Check out there " What does your handbag reveal about you? " tab on facebook here  - I'm the Bowling Bag, What are you? .

The Low down..


♥ The little tube handy to carry

♥ Cheaper then other spot brands *Cough Cough* Clearasil

♥ Unbelievably versatile

♥ Hygienic tubed stored


→ Need to make a bigger tube as its only 30ml


I have nothing but good things to praise for this product. I think its an amazing buy and worth the £2 in my pocket. After using sudocrem for 3 years safe to say i will never change my spot fighting product.

Love ya gurll as always

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