Friday, 29 July 2011

Review: DollyEye Natural 3tones Green

 DollyEye Natural 3tones Green $19.50

Natural Eye

 Contacts in

Got to say these contacts look so incredibly natural in the light which i was so impressed by. As some people out there don't want it to be shown were wearing contacts and that were * natural born blue eyed ,brown eyes * and soo on :). I put these contacts on my brother as i could not put these in, for the life of me! Which is so annoying! as would of been nice to see a change in myself, if i had blue or brown eyes for the day :)

Here's The Low down..


♥ Cheap! priced $19.50 -> £11.85

♥ Very Natural

♥ 6 Colours to chose from

♥ 1 year Life Span

♥ 10%  When used  "10SMB" at


→ Felt abit heavy on the eye [But my brother says he has sensitive eyes]


I do think these are a bargain for as little as they charge! and even better when the contacts show up really natural on you. I would seriously recommend these lenses for any eye contact wearer that's ever wanted a change of colour for the day :)

Love ya gurl, As always


Vintage Makeup said...

They do look natural!

Sammiebbz * said...

@Vintage Makeup they are too :) xxx