Monday, 25 July 2011

I Ingloted!

ooo pretty bag and munch! :)

Before i start this post would like to thank Cottonspace2  for picking these up for me in London! what a sweetheart ay :) So a massive thank you for you girl!

Here's whats inside the bag

L-R Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 27 £10.00 , Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 14, Soft Precision Lipliner 67,Soft Precision Lipliner 63 £8.00

L- Top: Soft Precision Lipliner 63     
L - Bottom: Soft Precision Lipliner 67

R- Top: Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 14
R- Bottom: Lip Duo lipgloss lip paint in 27


Cant tell you how much i love this brand! i love everything about it, still miffy they had to put the prices up alot as the freedom 10 palette was £35 and now gone up to £58 is abit of taking the piss really. But then again because im a sucker for inglot i would pay for it! Anyways, I love my lip duos! they are so creamy and pigmented and just love the packaging for these cuties :) and even the lipliners are good! i'd say better then Mac by a million Miles! As they are soft and have a good selection of colours and not too bad of a price for shelling out.

This is with the lipduo in 14 and the lipliner in 63

Want to get your hands on it UKERS?

Soon to be you can! i was emailing a women working in inglot,London and she says they will be able to do phone orders in late August! how exciting! :) US UKers can finally get our mits on them :)

Love ya gurl,


Natalie said...

So pretty! I'd love to get my hands on some Inglot!

Sammiebbz * said...

@Natalie thankyou girl, take it you dont live anywhere near inglot? if i were you i'd ring up some stores in america as alot of inglot stores does phone orders :)xxx

Vintage Makeup said...

Glad you finally got some Inglot! I plan on ordering some items in the future, but for the time being I have enough makeup to last me a few life times lol :)

Anonymous said...

It's from London. :) I love it already! <3

That lipduo is a good color on you!

xoxo, Bree

Amy said...

These are gorgeous, I believe a lot of people are funny with the brand after the price increase! xxx

cotton2 said...

glad i could help :)

Sammiebbz * said...

@Vintage Makeup haha me too really! but just cant get enough of the inglot :)

@Bree aw thankyou girl :)

@Amy must admit i was too, but i do really think they are sucha good brand, that i cant just stop buying of lol

@Cotton2 your amazing :~)