Sunday, 13 February 2011

Review: Pink Crackle Nails

So i got this pink cracked nail polish from bornprettystore which retails for £2.79.

My first impressions i admit was really high for this product as the photos looked amazing! annndd hello *coloured* cracked nail polish! since black is everywheree you dont see the coloured ones about!

Heres How to Crackle :

 Grab your base colour in this case im using Barry M Pure Turquoise 295 and then the crackle polish itself  from the bornpretty store.

 Then i painted the nail with the Barry M on my Moms nail.

Then applyed the crackle polish on top of the Barry M and then just sit back and wait there to see the effect :).

and then bam after waiting 5mins all the crackles apppeared out of nowhere! :D

So heres the low down..


♥ Its cheap! compare to barry m your saving 4 quid!

♥ an offer if you choose 4 crackling nail polishes

♥ 10% when using SAMMIEBBZ31 until 31st March

→  works on certain nail polishes

→ colour takes ages to to crackle like (10mins) even applied thin


Would i buy it? i think i would of as its an fun effect on the nails but by all means its temperamental ! ie depending which base colour your going to have.I would also advise to apply a top coat to the nails to make the crackle effect pong out ha ha :)  

On another note..  its fast shippin from japan! took around a week which is good in my book as some company's from japan takes about a month to get here! :-|

 LOve ya girll,


PR sent to review


Vintage Makeup said...

It's too bad that it only works on certain nail polishes!

Sammiebbz * said...

@Vintage yeahh that the only down side to the product, overwise al good :)

Adrienne said...

hey :) I quite like the red crackle its different from the usual black! yeah MUA isnt all that grand its okay but i have a feeling you wouldnt be overly impressed haha! x

Sammiebbz * said...

@Adreienne is nice ent it? nice to see the colour ones thats doing it. aw is a shame as there going dead cheap! would be nice if there was a brand thats cheap and its pigmented an good quality!

ah a girl can dream ay>? :)
x xx

Micky said...

rich collection ;)

Anonymous said...

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