Sunday, 13 February 2011

How i get my hair extensions shiny!

lemme introduce to you my life savers :-]
 Essential Damage care in Rich Premier & Nuance Airy

Absolutely in love with these hair masks from japan think they retail bout 15quid each all really depends who your buyin it from. I brought mine from ebay by a trusted seller :) if you want to know the link just shoot me a comment down below or email me.

My steps to shiny hair 

I let it soak them in warm water about about 5 mins.

Then i do half and half of each mask on the hair extensions, so i put the rich premier on the ends and the nuance airy on the topper half :) and i leave these babys overnight!

Then the next day i just wash them thoroughly in warm water.


Beautiful shiny arse haiir!

 However iam in the search for new extensions as these are thinning out alot and heard your suppose to change them up every 6 month =/ 

any recommendations?

 Love ya gal,



G A B Y said...

Your extensions look lovely! Thanks for sharing your tips! Maybe I should try it on my real hair too? (=

Sammiebbz * said...

@Gaby aw thanks gal. Yeaahh! go for it, its the same effect but i sleep on it with the hair mask on with a shower cap on lol xxx

powder paint n pout! said...

You have dark brown hair now?? I saw the post of when you coloured it a while back but the extensions look really dark! I always think of you as blonde because of your piccy! The hair masks look good hun anything with japanese writing on looks exciting to me lol xxx

Sammiebbz * said...

@Powderpaint and pount i have dark brown hair yes :) took me ages to get it a shade up from back! =-[ nah i didnt wear extentions back then tha were me natural hair length lol yeahh i needa upate my pic really but always nice to look wen when your a diff hair colour =-] haha me too! everythink in japanese looks fun :(# xxx

Mike Tyson said...

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