Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My Reading Haul


Mac - Red , Seek - Primer Palette ,  Mac - Top Of The Posh, 

 Benefit - Bella Bamba , Benefit - Honey Scrub Sample 


Mac Red

Since you guys loved the red lippy i had on in my last post. i'd splurge out on a mac lippy! the MUA matched me up with this baby :) she said its best suited for girls that have green eyes and as im a green eyed baby myself i snatch this baby up :) - so far loving it!

 Mac - Top Of The Posh

 Yeahh Yeahh...Could say i brought it for the name.. as "top of the pops" gawd i usea love that proggy! why did they discontinued it! anyways back to the eyeshadow! its a shimmer purple colour i probs would would say it could even be used as a highlighter as it isnt a vivid purple.Would look gorgeous in the inner corner of your eyes! :)

 Benefit - Bella Bamba

WAW can i just say.. i uber love the packaging! so so pretty :) could say i mainly brought this for the packing tut tut *slaps hand* ha ha :) Apparently this little beauty number is pose to be brightening,sculpting and defining all in one swoosh! I would go as far as brightening not for much as the other too.However, it is a gorgeous coraly pink with shimmers of gold. Kinda reminds me of nars orgasm!

Sleek - Primer Palette

 Ohhh thhhe rave holds up! let me tel ya! its like nyx in a pan - only to be shimmery! absolutely love this only wish i had sleek in my town instead of adventuring out to buy there products! This little magic palette of jewels shows up brighter colours when applied to an eyeshadow on top. I haven't checked the staying power on this yet.. so buy all means just have your too faced,Urban decay or art deco primers at the ready!

Benefit - Honey Scrub sample
Oftttt this smellls soo delicious ! for all the nut lovers out there you have smell this at your local benefit counter and when you do you will see why! i use to have a full sized product of this but it ran out of its cell by date but didn't bother to purchase it again! safe to say i shall be! when i get pay this is the first on the list ;) along with MUA lipsticks!
So's heres my expensive arse haul for ya's! on this cold rainy day!
Love ya gal,



Cris said...

Nice lot :D!

Looking forward to you using the Sleek primer palette, am very curious ;).

powder paint n pout! said...

Hey sweetie loveeee that lippy so gorgeous and the primer palette looks interesting would love to hear what you think after using it I fancy picking it up but didnt know if it was a little gimicky? Im a fan of good old UDPP but I like the look of the palette plus its a lot cheaper than UDPP let me know if its any good hun. Harriet xxx

Sammiebbz * said...

@Cris i think i may do an indepth of review of this baby product, asso many ppls wondering bout it.

@powder paint n pout i thought that at first but saw how amazing the pigmention of all the colours were amazes me but like i said abve ill do an in depth review n pics of the stayin power :) xxx

G A B Y said...

The lipstick looks gorgeous (=

Anonymous said...

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