Friday, 5 June 2009

* A tip for gel eyeliner users ! *

Right as you know i LOVE my gel eyeliner! its my top baby of all the eyeliners i have! staying power amaziing! like i've slepted with this eyeliner on (ano very bad! drunk times ) and i wake up next morning and no SMUDGE in site! :D

Anyways this tipp is for neating or taking the gel eyeliner off, as i know is bloody hard cos it just stays there all day lol So i found a way of how to get the eyeliner off or neating the eyeliner up and this is what i used in my experiment :)

( Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner, Mac Brush Cleaner, Cotton bud )

Sooo i took my pot of gel eyeliner

swatched it on my hand

then took my cotton bud and sprayed it with Mac brush cleaner

and heres the results.......

The top i just weted the cotton bud to get it off and the bottom you can hardly see is the one i weted with mac brush cleaner :-)

it just cleans the gel eyeliner straight off! instead of just wettin the cotton bud!

( notice :- it may sting your eyes as you and i are different but i didnt have any stinging at all )

well i hope this was helpfull for you all :)

Sammie <3


~tHiAmErE~ said...

its great that the mac brush cleaner works for you!

an eye makeup remover works fine with me..& i dont even need to rub it!

that is if i don't put on falsies..
because the glue on my lids kinda 'glues' the gel liner its a bit hard to take it off..i have to rub it so to remove it completely...

Sammiebbz * said...

haha yehh defo! lool didnt think of a makeup remover! prolly cos i always use makeup wipes just didnt think of it lol

yeahh that totallly happens to me too! but cant stop loving the falsies tho :--) xoxox

Glamorous Beauty said...

Thanks for tip. I agree, that the gel eyeliners are hard to remove. I too have gone to sleep and woke up with my eyeliner perfect, with no smudges. And thanks for the compliment on my carved watermelon basket.

Francie. said...

hey, i just came across your blog, going to have to follow you now, love it.

Sammiebbz * said...

@Glamorous Beauty no promblemo i love your basket! i really wanna do one now lol :) haha yeah im so glad i found a good eyeliner at last because i was using liquid eyeliners before totall rubbish compared to gel eyeliners XOOXX

Sammiebbz * said...

@Francie. Thankyouu :-) gonna follow you backk :D xoxo

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

wow~ great tip thank you!! Im a gel liner fanatic too:)