Tuesday, 9 June 2009

* Studio Sculpt Vs Dream Satin *

so ive brought Dream satin about a week ago and wanted to compare it to my current foundation
(studio sculpt) annd here what i thought about them both :-)

L:- Mac Studio Sculpt R:- Maybelline Dream Satin , R:- Maybelline Dream Satin L:- Mac Studio Sculpt

Texture :-

Studio Sculpt on top and Dream Satin on bottom

Mac Studio Sculpt :- easy to blend and covers great on the skin :-) smells kinda funkey but the funkey in nice funkey lol but by all means this is my fav foundation .This feels light on the skin and doesnt feel like i have a foundation mask on me lol

Repurchase :- Yes :-) i was panicing majoury when i thought i lost this foundation lol

Rating :- 10/10

Maybelline Dream Satin :- very waterly of some sort =/ very easy to blend though but doesnt give great coverage on this one. But saying that i think this foundation is better suited for
" flawless skin " as it some how enchants your flawlessness lol

Repurchase :- umm dont think i would as i have more bad days then good days with the skin! :(

Rating :- 5/10 as just because i have to choose centain days to wear this foundation


hope you all had a good day on this gloomy afternoon :-(

S ammie <3


Elisa Marie! said...

thanks for the review, i was debating on buying that maybelline foundation a while ago but i wasnt sure thanks :)

Sammiebbz * said...

no probs :-) glad ive helped yeh out :) xoox

Catanya said...

Thanks for comparing! I'll definitely go for Studio Sculpt!

Francie. said...

nah, i havent had a very good day either. I 've had to study for exams at the moment *blurgh*

woo. more make up tips. merci beaucoup!

haha.. if you want, i guess click "follow" at the top of my blog?

* Jen * said...

Thank you for reviewing and comparing these two. =)

I've got an award for you! http://madblusher.blogspot.com/2009/06/blog-awards.html

Have the greatest day!

Naka said...

thanks for sharing

I've never worn foundation and I'm 15 XD

so its great to have some guidance :p

Sammiebbz * said...

@Catanya no promblemo yehh defoo! love the stuff :)

@Francie awww! poor youu! hope you done well in them :) and give yourself a treat afterwards lol

ah i couldnt see no "follow" button on your blog :(

@jen no probs :) and awww thanks sweetie thats soo sweet of you :)

@naka no way! :O girl you dont need it tho youve got gawjus skin!

Tali said...

Lol I actually love the Maybellin one! Studio Sculpt broke me out!

I love it how make-up doesnt act the same on different people!! lol.. oh well! Like the way ou reviewed them though.. v.thorough!

Lizzard said...

"enchants your flawlessness" haha! you crack me up!

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