Saturday, 30 May 2009

* HaulingHaulingHaulingg OOhhhh YEAHH! *

Soo my beauty babyys! im actully really sorry for not posting often enough majour busy week been my birthday been shopping the hell out of it been over family and is just like URGH! my first full day of acctully doing buggar all lol anyways ramble over ;)

Herees what i got over my birthday :)

can we get a little OLALALA?! :-D

Lee stafford - poker straight sleepover
(its an overnight treatment )

i really do like this product! has really made my hair soft and shiny :) only downside is when u put this product all in your hair overnight yes it does go hard so you wont have like goo all over your pilliow but its when you wash it out it kinda hurts as its like haavin hard gell all over your head trya wash it out lol but yeno i would go thew with it cos the results are amazing :)

Repurchase :- yeh! defo

Rating :- 9/10 1 point off as hair goes hard ;o

Natural Collection - Apple Blossom

So your prolly thinking what the hell? whys the last pic has a arrow pointin to no where? well i was searchin n seaching for this bloody lipstick but.. i was reading it wrong lol i was searchin n searchin for apple blossom but was lookin at the wrong bit i thought that this lipstick colour was called " moonshine" as it was standin out in bold n big riting in the middle but infact the colour of the lipstick is at the bottom lol so yeh go sammie for having a blonde moment there ;)
anyways great lisptick! and its not evening a drying lipstickk as its quite nude! soo extra ++!

Repurchase :- Yes i think i would :)

Rating :- 10/10!

YSL - Rouge pure shine sheer lipstick

ii loving this lipblam! soooo moisturizing! umm not that good on pay off of the colour but i love it how it feels on your lipps :-) i would personally say yehh its worth the 20quid for it :)

Repurchase:- yes as it feels good :)

Rating :- 8/10 colour pay off not so great

Natural Collection -pink cloud

i love the colour of this little baby! :) pigmentation iss ok not amazing but you doo get the colour on youur cheeks :-)

Repurchase :- maybe

Rating :- 9/10 is dead cheap! £1.95

Mini eyelash curlers

i got theres from here but there £8.70 i just recently found out in avon they do them for a fiver! grr lol from here but these beautys are great! pesh when you have fake eyelashs on and you can see your actull eyelashes pokin forward and the fake eyelashes flying high lol it just dence them together so dont look fake :)

Repurchase :- yes! bloody good for fake eyelash lovers!

Rating :-10/10

Bobbi Brown - gel eyeliner in black ink

still the best gel eyeliner i have! :-) it just never smudges on me! wich is bloody good :-) i been in n out of eyeliners that pissin smudges! long staying and very creamy to get it on your brush :)

Repurchase :- Have done :)

Rating 10/10

L'OREAL Paris - Telescopic Explosion Mascara

Having tryed this mascara out yet but heard some pretty good reviews fromm people about it :)
its suspose to be like the givenchy - Phenomen'Eyes :-)

Repurchase :- Cant rate havent tryed

Rating :- Cant rate havent tryed

Anyways i have some some hauls coming soon so check in :)


sammie <3


sweetchie85 said...

did u see my post about the new H&M eye quads hun?X

Mary said...

Very nice haul and Happy Birthday! Love the mini eyelash curler and the YSL lippie!

Sammiebbz * said...

@sweetchie85 nope cant see it :(

@maryy aww thankyouu :)love it when i get good stoff muhaha :)