Thursday, 7 May 2009

*Haulingg coming shortlly!*

So ive been ordering off mac website..for all of you that dont no..
is out now! :D yayyy! mannn i been naughty and ordered lots from the rose collection!
didnt bother with dazzle lippys...

ANYWHOOO,, off the subjectt! has anyone been watching *Snog,marry and avoid?*
haha i love it loads! its a series of (sorry guys gonna have to stero type here) celebs/goth/wannabe pornstars/pornstars to get a Makee underrr!! results are amazing! :)
and when i mean celebs i mean..
Jodiee Marsh and Chantelle Houghton

If anyone is wanting to watch it the series can be found here online :-) and dont worry you dont have to pay for it either you get to watch the full proggy :)

Anyways tell me if you been watching it
loving or hating it :)

Lovess youu all <3


Laurel said...

yeah i watch that. its amazing.
i really enjoy it:D

Sammiebbz * said...

aw goood and me (-: next week is last esp i think :-( *cry cry* xoxo

Sarah said...

Oooh I don't think we have that show here in Aus. Damn it! I love all these cheesy kinda things! I used to be addicted to The Bachelor lol sad but true!

MissDollyGal said...

I've just been on MAC and got 2 dazzleglasses! I've been waiting for them to come online for ages. Didn;t really like much from Rose Romance, I already have Mutiny pigmant and that was my fav thing.

I ADORE S,M,A. Did you see that woman whose PVC catsuit split? and she fell over in her heels? I actually cried with laughter.

Mystical said...

i love it! hehehe..kinda dissappointed if they dont decide to keep the new look..heeheeh :)

pastel19 said...

aww thank you for the lovely comment, choccie really does help haha!

Francie. said...
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Francie. said...

Hey, nice blog.
Unfortuately I live in AU, so a lot of these brands are totes foreign, but i do love mac. I just got back from an overseas trip, and bought some MAC eyeshadow duty free when i was coming back. I do love MAC.

Bradpetehoops said...

Simply amazing models.

Sammiebbz * said...

@Sarah - awww thats a shame :( maybe could find it on youtube or summat? ill post a link if i find anythink :)

@MissDollyGal - bahhaha yeahh :'D sily people hey! getting all tarty farty lol what dazzleglosses you get? i have my eye on one but not sure yet :(

@Mystical - yehh and me! some didnt tho some became " worster " LOL

@pastel19 - no promblemooo girll (: bahha yehh does too! i fancy some now lol

@Francie - o wow (: where did you head off too? ohh and mee! :-) yehh but dont you just love foreign makeup tho! :-D

MissDollyGal said...

I got goldyrocks and funtabulous. BUY funtabulous. It's so gorgeous. The under colour is lilac/violet with purple glitter. I love it. I think I'm going to buy one a month.

Sammiebbz * said...

i might check it out yeno! sounds super niice (-: is goldyrocks any good at alll ? xoxo

MissDollyGal said...

Goldyrocks is really nice for day time. It's clear gloss and the gold glitter is really subtle. I think I'm slightly disappointed that it's not crazy glitter though- I kinda hoped it would be!