Sunday, 23 November 2008

My First New Blog Site x3

Well hello peoples! :]
Lemme tell you abit bout me first x3
my name is sammie,
im 17 getting on 18 ( old dear getting old lol :( ) ,
i come from basingstoke in the UK
i want to be a makeup artist when im older buh need to do a makeup course around here somewhere :/ ...
and i muchly loves... MAKEUP! is the best thing since choccie :)
makes you feel great and look great! naw people whats better then tha? :)

Anyways my munchkins here's a little teaser of whats going to happen in my blog life time lol

* Swatches of my new makeup products (if your new to make up swatches mean what the true colour is like on ur skin or summat like that lol)

* Maybe makeup looks? haven't decided yet if im going to do them yet :|

* New makeup websites too buybuybuy! :D

* updates of new makeup lines or just generally new makeup i haven't tryed before =-]

* and just my reviews of the makeup honest opinion is always cherished i say =-]

Here from me today and tomorrow chums ;]
Much loves Sammie x3

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