Sunday, 23 November 2008

Coupons and MAC loveness <3

Right people, i'll soon be posting pictures up as soon as i find the damn usb cable for the camera well parents camera buh i needa to buy one :( god damn it lol
But wanted to talk to you about MAC and what i think about it all.
Firstly..WOW no wonder why people buy craps loads of this stuff lol
resonantly ordered x2 pigments vanilla and chocolate brown and a 129 powder/blush brush and a 224 blending eye brush

The vanilla pigment is amazin! because you can use it as a highlighter, brown bone or could just use it on your chest to give a nice healthy glow.

Secoundly the chocolate brown pigment is soooo perfect for a dark blend into a light eyeshadow e.g champange colour can do a nice goldie look for this.

Thirdly the sexy M.A.C brushes that all of us want and love! i thought the blending brush was really good at blendin harsh lines on the eyeshadow as its quite bisstley and soft at the same time.. lol stil good thoo defo worth forkin out on this and with the powder/blush brush i was a tiny (yes it gave me great pleasure to tell you tha lol) disapointed as the M.A.C brush itself the bisstles was quite small to me probs why it only cost 25 quid lol but can simply sort it out by holding the brush and squeeze the down the bisstles so that it looks like fan and can simply do it that way. Just a shame wished i brought the 40quid 136 large powder brush one ahh maybe next time folks :)

and one coupon for you lot :D oh you lucky people :D
its for M.A.C if you order it from and enter MACOFFER2 at the basket page you shall get FREE DELIVERY would of been better if it was 50% i'd say... oh well better then nothing folks lol!=-D

if the camera gets sorted ill edit the post and put piccys up to show ya'll to what i meand

here from me today and torrow chums ;]
Sammie x3 x3

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