Sunday, 12 June 2011

Where Have You Been?!

Yup exactly how it says in the title.. Ive been such a busy bee these past weeks some personal issues ( to cut the crap ) i.e boys ,hospital, getting life on track and.... creating a business on here..



Hopefully if all goes to planned it will be launched live on my blog next Monday 20th June and will be open to international orders!

So what aree you selling Sammie?!

Just going to have to wait my boyys and girls ;)

but i will give you this, it will be all things girly and pretty!

Stay tuned :)

Lovve ya giirl,


Vintage Makeup said...

Can't wait to see what you're selling!

Katrina said...

Nice! :) Excited to see what youll be selling! (Jasmine) said...

wow, how exciting. i'll definitely be back to check out what you have in store. :) really enjoyed browsing your blog. the reviews are great, and it really gives me some insight to the products before i want to buy them. thanks for the inspiring. following now. cheers!