Friday, 25 September 2009

*Flutter yO Butter with these eyelashes! *

haha liking the title? ;) tehehe

i got sent some Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes and some with self adhesive strips (ones were you dont need glue!)

so heres the first batch :)

91003 Flirty VS Maxi- Med Length Flare

Enlarge for closer look :)

These's lashes are the MUST have! well as for me anyways lol it gives me a fuller look instantly :) and helps for those who doesnt have any many lashes.BUTTT! theres a cheaper vison out there in wilksons lol cant remeber the price but must be about £3? to a fiver for the revlons ones.

91128 Lush

my first thoughts were OMG looks really fiddly wel um it wasnt in a way but is kinda worrying when you have these eyelash's on for what so ever hours n one section comes off you would look like a right donkey lol but i supose that would be you fault for putting little glue on or summat.

99501 Defining

These are the shorter lashes of the 99500 Intensifying(below) i think these or more wearable and more blended in then the 99500.Again these are self adhesive really good in a way not fiddly at all i would say you would prolly get about 4 uses for each band and another good thing is they including an extra glue band so if the current band dont stick no more just push it on the other band :) but then again its kinda limit to wearing these unless you buy eyelash glue n use it that way when you finish with the band then its worth it :) great for first time users

99500 Intensifying and here me wearing the lashes

id say these are great for lengthing but if you find it too much for that you can always pair it with 91003 so you have the fuller effect ;) and these too are self adhesive strips too!

91127 Precision

hmm i dont really like these lashes pure to the fact i dont have really fuller lashes n would loook kinda werid with these on lol but yeh you can again pair it with the 91003 but i would have to pair about 2 with em with these because it would be more spidey look if paired with one.

Anywayys thankyouu Janet this was lovelly :)

would i ever buy these again? yes to some of them :)

loves loves :)

p.s bloogging post later today!


BeautyTalk said...

OMG, eyelashes!!! Love how they look on others but :-( always seem too artificial on myself... maybe I am not very good at gluing them on yet!

xLovelyMakeupx said...


Eternally Fixated said...

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Andee Layne said...

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Beauty Vibes said...

They look very nice and not too complicated, might even work for me :P

Charlie said...

I have never dared to try fake lashes, maybe I should, looks great on you!

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Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

FUN! I love false lashes...thanks for sharing :)

I'm a new follower!


carizzachua said...

oh great false eyelashes! I am also collecting them hahaha XD


looks great, i hate trying to apply falsies w/that sticky glue!

huotk said...

Ahh I came out of the womb with fake eyelashes on...oh & stilettos hahaha :) Just kidding but that is just about how much I love them.

BIG, Bold & In Your Face ... Literally!!

I'm a new follower :)!!

Great blog!!
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Lala said...

I love lashes and I love to wear them :)
They make a great look.

xoxo lala

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